Middle Eastern Politics (Political Science 149T) - Teaching Assistant - Fall 2018

  • This course provides an overview of Middle Eastern politics, with a substantive focus on issues such as state formation, authoritarianism, Islamism, and political violence. Students also learn introductory data analysis skills, which they apply to research questions related to various political issues in the region. Primary Instructor: Lisa Blaydes.

Data Science for Politics (Political Science 150A) - Teaching Assistant - Fall 2016

  • This course introduces both undergraduate and graduate students to data analysis topics including causal inference, regression, and R. Primary Instructor: Andrew Hall.

The Science of Politics (Political Science 1) - Teaching Assistant - Winter 2016

  • This course is the introductory class for political science majors. Through exploration of four thematic topics – representation, war, the environment, and inequality – students learn how to approach research questions and are exposed to various methodological approaches in the discipline. Primary Instructors: Justin Grimmer and Kenneth Schultz.    


Arab Studies Table - Graduate Student Coordinator - Fall 2016 to Spring 2017

Political Science Department Cohort Representative - Fall 2016 to Spring 2017